Krue Clothing

About Us

Krue clothing consists of five young men ages 19-20 & is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are all African American & embody the official name that KRUE abbreviates; Kings Remain Unified Eternally. The five members include: Elwood Junior, Hubert James, Eric Griffin, Keron Guild, & our newest member, Ace. Our brand started as a petty graphic arts project in high school, which would soon come to be something special as it is today. After re-branding & creating the acronym, we went on to release our first collection, "Krue Fall/Winter '16", in December of 2016. Our most recent collection was "Krue Spring '17" which we are now looking to follow up with "Krue Fall/Winter '17". Having booked &entered numerous fashion shows, we look forward to having a breakout season with this upcoming collection. We're building the empire one collection/season at a time. Be apart of the journey. 

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